DiY DAVE Points

What on earth are these......

Fairly pointless you might think 🤣 But its a very simple way of rewarding people for using my services and for being active.

Points are only being added as of 16th May 2024, and may stop at any time I deem them unsuitable.

Points are awarded either as a fixed amount, or as a reward for payment they are calculated at 1 point per £1.

Points can be gained for posting reviews of my services(whether good or bad they all get rewarded the same). Points are also gained against any labour costs involved upon successful bank payment. Points are ONLY awarded against labour costs. They are not awarded against any expenses such as travel/fuel/invoice charge/additional expenses or parts. For card payments points are only awarded on the labour amount reduced from the balance, the additional charge is not received by myself so no points are given on this additional fee.

I am sure over time I can think of other reasons for awarding these free points.

You only have to reach a minimum of 100 points(£1.00) which can then be deducted from the next invoice total. You can of course build them up for whenever you want to use them. For obvious reasons you don't gain points when paying with points.

Any payments made are firstly calculated against non point paying items such as travel/fuel costs, invoice cost and any parts and expenses. So if you want to use points to pay, use them FIRST. E.G If your invoice is for £50 of which £30 is travel/fuel/invoice and parts/expenses then using upto £30 of points loses you nothing and you will get full points for the remainder.

Heres a couple of examples for you:

Theres nothing to think about. These points are effectively added automatically and whether you use them or not is up to you.