Below is a small list of what I can do for you.

This list is not exhaustive, it just lists some of the jobs that I can do for you. If you need anything doing that is not listed then please do feel free to give me a ring, or use the contact form on the contact page. You will not be bothering me and I can't say it enough, if its not something I believe I can do a good job doing, I won't do it!!!!!

Due to my intense fear of heights I am afraid I will have to turn down high level jobs such as guttering/roofing work....

Plastering Services @ DiY Dave Kidlington


Im not a professional plasterer but im sure of my limits. I will always want to take a look to ensure I believe I can do a good job. Plastering comes in handy whether its walls, ceilings or simply adding new sockets.

Electrical Services @ DiY Dave Kidlington


From as simple as replacing sockets and switch facias, to replacing fittings and adding new sockets. Have installed new electric cookers and even put in a new ring for a power shower where there wasn't one before. As I am not an electrician there are various things that legally I cannot do, but I will let you know prior to any booking or viewing.

Carpentry Services @ DiY Dave Kidlington


This comes in many forms, from adjusting doors that rub, to fitting entirely new ones. Building partition walls and even fitted TV units. If you need shelving or alterations to units this is all possible too.

Plumbing Services @ DiY Dave Kidlington


Changing taps, fixing leaks, adding new radiators, moving sinks, adding showers and plumbing in dishwashers/washing machines and all sorts of waste systems.

Decking Services @ DiY Dave Kidlington


Like a lovely deck to set off your garden. Although this is carpentry, I am mentioning it separately as decking is a large and often difficult job.

Decorating Services @ DiY Dave Kidlington

Painting & Decorating

Fresh coat of paint or perhaps some lovely wallpaper, all of this can be done for you. Personally I use water based quick drying paints.

Tiling Services @ DiY Dave Kidlington


What can I say. Like decorating can give a room a whole new look. I will admit that tiling is not my strongest point, never had a complaint, but I always feel I could have done better. Sorry its just the perfectionist in me.

Fencing Services @ DiY Dave Kidlington


Yes this does come under carpentry. Not a lot of experience building fencing, but have replaced panels and the odd rotten post. Always happy to have a look and decide if the job is for me or not.

Flooring Services @ DiY Dave Kidlington

Laminate Flooring

Laid a fair bit of laminate flooring, not just for myself. Again this can make a room look completely different.

Landscaping Services @ DiY Dave Kidlington


Need the grass cut, trimming or weeding done. I can pressure clean your patio/decking. Cut back overgrowing trees and bushes. Lay the odd slab. Put a lot of nice edging in using deckboards. More than happy to give ideas and advice if your looking to refresh your garden.

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